The company is an exclusive representative of ALCE Elektrik
in the area of Poland.

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AKK is a distributor of medium voltage switchgears manufactured by EFACEC.

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The AKK-energia com- pany was founded in 2008. Its founders have extensive experience in the field of electrical engineering and energy gained from the long- term work such a companies like ABB and Elektro- montaż...
The AKK-energia com- pany offers elaboration of design documentation, su- pervision on the manu- facturing and implementa- tion of the ordered equipment, including per- forming the required tests. The company also offers delivery...
Based on technical docu- mentation performed by AKK-energia company, the products listed below have been implemented:

     1. MV switchgear 12-17,5 kV RELF-ex with circuit breaker VD4...
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